Pedal re-boot caused by rapid use of footswitch

I have a problem where if I scroll through my songs or folders too quickly using the BB external footswitch, the BB Pedal re-boots itself.

It’s not a major issue, but is a bit annoying. Can anyone advise please?



[]You could try reloading the firmware
]Make sure you are using the TRS patch cable and that it’s not defective
[]Make sure the TRS cable is firmly seated at both ends
]Run foot switch detector
[]Reset remote foot switch (RFS) settings
]Are you using momentary or latching switches? If latching, you might want to ask Support if they still offer a discounted exchange-that’s assuming it’s a Singular Sound RFS

I re-loaded the firmware and ran the footswitch detector. That seems to have fixed the problem.

I’m using the official BB footswitch, with momentary switches.

Thanks very much for your help.

You’re welcome. Glad you got it sorted out.