Pedal settings after project sync gone

I’m using Beatbuddy now for some weeks and I really like that thing, but now I mentioned one problem für me, maybe someone knows what to do:

  • I dont need the Intro things, as I more like the Count-in when performing. I set the Beatbuddy to Count-in adn it works, but every time I sync m projects to the SD-Card the setting is lost and I have to reset this in the option on the Pedal.

If you are Synchronizing your project to your SD card, you should not be losing your pedal settings.

Is it possible that you are first Exporting your project and then Synchronizing? If this is the case, then you are going to lose your settings. This scenario would be the most likely one if you are using a Mac.

A workaround for Mac users:

  • with your SD card in your pedal, prepare your settings; power off to the pedal and remove the card
  • insert the card into your computer and go to the PARAMS folder on the card
  • find the footsw.ini file and option-drag a copy to your desktop
  • after you complete the BBM > File > Export, option-drag a copy of the footsw.ini file to your SD card PARAMS folder