Pedalboard with BB


This is my rig for bass solo live! BB RULEZ synchronized with pigtronix and soon with h9!


Looks good. What kind of boards are you using?

Pedalboards are the best of the best in mu humble opinion: temple audio, SOLO 18 and DUO 17. In this Way I have a modular pedalboard with effects only in DUO 17 and live beat and recording in SOLO 18.

Thanks for sharing.

Wow, solo bass for an entire gig…That must really get people talking!!! :smiley:
Nice rig layout. I like the ‘pegboard’ style metal.

That’s a great idea. It would be great for all the cords a person has to run for all the pedals. I make my Pedalboards out of plywood, cut the wedges etc. and then when I am done, I have to bore all the holes for the cords to fit through before I cover it with felt. It’s OK until you have to move one or several of the pedals around and then you have Frejole’s all over the pedalboard. This is a better idea.
Who is the manufacturer of the pedalboards? Is it “Pedalboard Duo 17” and “Pedalboard Solo 18”? Do you have a website?
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Temple Audio is the manufacturer… Website is
They look amazing…

A big thanks to you. I went to the Temple website and had a look at all the pedalboards. Super! I will look into these when I build my next pedalboard. My wooden plywood boards that I make are time consuming and if a customer doesn’t like it when I am finished, I am stuck with it, but these would be easy to mount pedals on and if a customer didn’t like it, you could rebuild it into something else. Thanks for sharing this with me. Other people will also see this on the forum.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.