Pedaltrain's Nano and Boss FS-6 a great combination

I like to keep the BeatBuddy separate as I use a different pedalboard when playing guitar and bass or no pedals at all doing an acoustic gig. The Nano from Pedaltrain fits the BB and the Boss FS-6 dual switches. By the way the FS-6 is a great switch and 100% compatible with the BB and all its features… Don’t even think of using the BB without a dual switch of some kind… With the FS-6 you don’t click a switch just lightly step on one of the pads like all Boss pedals. The Nano comes with a soft case that fits the BeatBuddy and the FS-6 all ready to plug and play. I use this stuff live it’s durable and reliable. Sorry if it sounds like a sales pitch but this has proven to be a great combination for us.

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[ATTACH=full]1086[/ATTACH] Nice Setup. Simple, but effective. I use two Boss FS-5U switches fasten together for my setup on my Pedalboard. I really like the Boss Pedals. Quiet and very durable. They have not failed me one time so far and I have had them for years. I used them with the Boss RC-2s before I bought the Beat Buddy. Here is my Pedalboard Setup. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I’ve got an FS-6 but I don’t like the fact that, if the battery dies, it stops working. I use the FS-5U, but I’ve been looking at that new FS-7, which is very compact, and works without the battery.

Looks great! I got lucky and was able to fit the Beat Buddy and it’s footswitch on a old shelf piece and happen to have a bag big enough to fit both! So it has it’s own board and case! (granted the case is for a portable DVD player, but the Beat Buddy doesn’t mind.)