Per track MIDI CCs (start/stop/record/reverse/delete each tracks individually)

Something is REALLY missing in the Aeros AFAIK, which is MIDI CCs per track (i.e; start/stop/record/reverse/delete track 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 INDIVIDUALLY).

This would make this looper SO flexible and would be very easy to implement.

Happy to provide more info if needed.

This will likely never be done unfortunately, the Looper does not allow empty track between recorded tracks and supporting this behavior is too costly in time as it stands.

There is a moderate solution we’ve made where you can use CC:41 value 100 to Record, Play, and Overdub (or Overdub then Play, depending on settings) on the currently selected track or values 101 and 102 to control track 1 and 2, respectively, in 2x2. 2x2 technically already does what you are asking for recording/play/overdub

Reverse, undo, and mute already supports this feature

The way the Aeros works there is no playing back only one track, but you can mute them independently

The Aeros does not support deleting tracks, you must undo them and re-record them or leave them undone

You could send a solo command to mute all tracks but one before sending a start cc

For this reason I will tag as #under-consideration but will say highly unlikely.

Thanks for the request!