Percussion with bass?

Would anyone be willing to make a percussion with bass kit please?

my superbass kit has most instruments, as well as bass an acoustic guitar… It’s a work in progress, but usable.

Yeah. I love your kit. It’s my go to kit for most songs with bass. If I wanted to eliminate the standard drums and just use percussion would I transpose the midi up or delete the notes associated with the drums? Also, is it possible to isolate the bass and drum parts from 1 track midis? I’m trying to do Badfish by Sublime but the only midi I can find is in single track format.

I would stick with General Midi as much as possible. The bass notes do intersect some of the percussion instruments, but in superbass, i relocated them to a lower area. My next update to superbass is to fix the terrible conga/bongo instruments… i picked the high velocity ones, and should have picked middle velocity ones.

After that I’m going to create a drum/bass/piano, drum/bass/rhodes, and drum/bass/hammond. Also, I’m going to record my own guitar strums to make them more consistent, and have a drum/bass/acoustic and drum/bass/crunch kit!

it should be possible to isolate the parts… they are usually pretty distinctive. you might try importing into something like reaper… it can separate things pretty well–even when you don’t want it to!

Those kits will be awesome! Can’t wait to check em out!