Permanent hole in playlist

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If you change the name of a song that happens to be in a playlist, the symbolic link in said playlist get replaced by a grayed “n- Empty”. The problem is that I can’t neither replace, move, delete, nor select this link.

In the playlist file itself, I see an empty line where the hash [folder,song] should be. So, I re-added the very same renamed song to the end of the playlist, edited the file manually moving the hash to the correct position, and voilà, I can now recall the song as before.

Also, I think (IMHO) that it is a poor design choice to have the hash of a folder/title of a song as a reliable way to refer to a song… I’m breaking my whole song recall system if I ever correct a simple typo in the title or folder.

Hey there,

This cannot be fixed unfortunately, it is part of how the BBM works, renaming changes the hash.

We do have a work in progress application that will allow for desktop file management and renaming without this happening.

The new application is very close to being done. This is not the BBM 2 or a replacement but it will allow for easy organization and SD mgmt with playlist support.

Thank you for reporting this!

This happened to me, as well. Would changing the name back its’ original name fix the problem? What’s the original name of Retro Disco song 4? I don’t remember, now.

No unfortunately it would not, it has to do with the BeatBuddy Manager and how it behaves when renaming tracks versus how the BeatBuddy uses the playlist feature.

We will have solutions for this soon, thank you for your patience

@Ed1970, you can still do it manually though. Re add the renamed file to the playlist with the BeatBuddy. Take the SD card to a computer and edit the file ./PLAYLISTS/n.csv (with surgical touch). Take the last line (e.g.: FE37ACCA/4C5AB5DA.BBS) in the playlist that is now the hash of your renamed song and cut-past it to the hole (the empty line) left by the original song. Beware though that you could end up with a corrupted file might you add anything else (Whitespace, newline, etc). I.e. be extra cautious and use a legit editor (e.g.: vim, emacs, etc).

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