Permanently Lock Track 1 for 2x2 & 6&6

Hi guys, new to the Aeros.

I loop without the click and generally build my own drums into channel 1 of my looper. Is there a way to save presets for both 2x2 and 6x6 so that track 1 is always locked. When I’m playing live I don’t want to be having to lock the track manually for every single song.

Edit solved it with a software update. The locked tracks not saving seems to have been patched, thanks SS


What you can Do
open a new song, leave it empty, lock the First track and save the song
When need it , reload the saved song, normaly the locked track must be locked on loading

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I hadn’t updated the software out of the box. I’ve updated it and now the locked track 1 saves which fixed the problem straight away! Thanks for you help!

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You can start a song with the locked track
and when finished , if you delete the song (hold the start switch of the looper down)
All the song is deleted , but I guess the locked track stay ON
And you can start again and again

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