Persist and other things

First I want to thank Persist for all his help. My bass player came over last night and we played for hours using for the FIRST TIME our BB the way we had wanted to. At last we didn’t have to deal with our drummer and his problems and with Persist’s tracks we could play OPB DOP and even OPBk songs that really sounded great. We had a blast. So having said that, we are looking for more songs that we played in our old set. “Maggie May”, any Faces really, “Stay With Me” especially and Pretenders, “Mystery Achievement”, “Brass in Pocket”, “Stop Your Sobbing”, “Cuban Slide” and “Kid”. We need them so please let me know. Thank you/

Reason To Believe and Your In My Heart.

Wow. Thanks for the very kind words. I’ll take a look at source files for your request.

I’ve posted Kid, Back on the Chain Gang (previously posted by Creed), and Brass in My Pocket. Could not find source files for your other songs. If you still want those songs, your next best bet if no one can post them is to acquire the commercial MIDI source files (don’t post those on the forum, though) and PM me.

Persist thank you so much.