Phones Volume dial broken

I’ve just noticed that the Headphones dial dial on the right side is starting to fail. The dial physically is very loose as it feels like it’s no longer connected to anything internally. I have to push it up or down while turning it to get the volume to actually change which is intermittent. When it does actually respond it’ll jump from like 30% to 70% for example.

A tiny screw that holds the headphone volume plastic disk became loose. Carefully unscrew bolts at the bottom of your pedal to open it and tighten that tiny screw a bit. Note to not tighten it too much! Users have had best results when applying a bit of nail polish (like a glue) to the top of the screw to secure it.

You can also read for more insight.

Thanks, I didn’t see that thread. I added some Blue Loctite to the screw so we’ll see if that holds tight.