Pick Up Beat only for Intro?


Is there a way to have an intro that is just a two beat ‘pick up beat’ - that is say only two quick kick drums?
As in a fast ‘1,2’ - then the Verse starts with the usual 4 beats to the bar. (I don’t want to add the pick up beat to the verse as it would be repeated each verse play through).

Reason is:
I’m looking at intros and can modify them to play just the kick drum, either on the '1&2&3&4’ or even just the '3&4’ beats or any combination etc. But the intro is still a full bar.

If I put the two beats towards the end of the bar, ‘1 2 3&4&’ then there is still the time taken for the ‘1&2&’

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


I would have said, sure, just use the two beats at the end of the bar, but you apparently don’t want that. So, how about changing the time signature on the whole song to 2/4? When you make you main loops, etc. up in the DAW, they would be exactly the same, but the DAW would be designating 2 beats per measure. Then your pickup would be a full measure.

Great idea and thanks for the quick reply. I’m hoping to use the pick up beat thing with current BB songs. It’s not a massive problem to have the two beats at the end of the intro bar and it’s what I’m doing now… (thinking about it I could even add a couple of lower volume sticks to fill the white space and tee every body up)

I’m just getting into drum editing and scratching the surface of BB capabilities so you’re suggestion is really appreciated and something I can tackle.

Thank you.

The other thing is, I you don’t want to use a couple sticks right now, you could put two beats on some instrument not in the kit. Then it will play as silence, but you’ll have the placekeepers there if you choose to edit it down the road.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but, as Phil suggested, if you program a 4-beat intro but only put content on the “4-and,” the Beat Buddy starts the intro measure on the 4, ignoring the first three beats. So, for example, you could program something like this:
|…|…|…| Kk-Kk Snr |

…and Beat Buddy will only play this:
| Kk-Kk Snr |

Is that not what you’re trying to accomplish?


Hi Joe,

| Kk-Kk | is what I’m trying to achieve, but in my example (and the one intro I have edited up to now) the BB still plays the full 4-beats.
|…|…|…| Kk-Kk |

I think I’ve got the answer by moving to 2/4 or just working around it as I do now, with the option Phil mentions (Thanks again Phil).

Will keep plugging away as I’m learning more all the time.



It should start on the first beat that has a note in it, not count all four. Thath’s what mine does. Is it possible it’s an optical illusion? What do you have the pedal set to start on: Press or Release?


The other thing is to make sure that you intros setting on the pedal is correct. IIRC one plays a built-in programmed 4 beat, the other plays whats in the intro section of the .sng.

Hi Both,

It’s press to start the intro, there is then a two count space.

So I’ll check intro settings, that seems most likely candidate.

Great to have such help from everybody here.