Pigtronix Dropped Ver 2.10 for the Infinity Looper Today

Pigtronix released Ver 2.10 firmware update for the Infinity Looper today. It is said to contain new options for Ignoring MIDI Clock received at the MIDI In port as well as numerous bug fixes. It might help some of you who have been experiencing timing and sync issues with the BeatBuddy. Will be interested to hear feedback from others.

Here’s a link to the Pigtronix Infinity blog which has the change log and links to the apps for Mac & Windows as well as the f/w. Probably a good idea to download and update the Infinity app before trying to update your looper’s f/w.

When I tried the auto update on my Mac, it did not work—I was able to update it manually, though.


Thanks for this! I have an Infinity Looper “inbound” arriving tomorrow. Excited to get the firmware updated and see how it compares with the Boomerang 3 I am currently using.

Great news! Thank you for the heads up.