Pigtronix Infinity Looper time issues, help!

Hi BeatBuddy users!
I have serious issue with my Infinity Looper, I’m trying to use this forum, guys because a lot BB users here are using Pig Looper also in your rigs. Maybe somebody had problem like mine and could help me finding solution. I bought Pig InfLoop 3 years ago and noticed issue from very beginning of using. When I record track and play, it slowing down a bit after couple of seconds, like 5-8 secs. I checked this running with metronome and other devices using timing. I wrote Pigtronix but no answer so far. This malfunction denies unit in my rig, obviously… I’m really in despair now… anybody??? Cheers BB users!

Marcin, Poland

Make sure you have the latest firmware in the looper. I would back up the presets if you have any and then do a reset to default settings on the pedal.

are you using a MIDI cable between the Looper & the BB?