Pink Floyd-inspired song with BeatBuddy drum track

I used the Blues 6 - 6/8 song, but changed the drum set to metal and slowed it down to 75 BPM. The organ you hear is actually a EHX Key 9 pedal with my Strat. Lead guitar is a Les Paul. Bass is Rickenbacker 4003.

Video is yet another video capture of the song being played in Winamp with milkdrop visualization running (just something to watch while listening). I probably make these Winamp recordings too often as a lazy way out, but it suits this song quite nicely.

Great recording…well done! Like the dramatic org sim.

One of the better recordings using the BeatBuddy pedal. Very very nice.

I’m liking it , great job

really nice I am a big floyd fan this is awesome

Thanks, guys. I created a playlist with my BeatBuddy recordings on YouTube at

Very nicely done. I like “Organized” Twangage and Banihas Pass and that Ric bass is thumpingly good too.

Very nicely done thanks for sharing bud… :slight_smile: