Pink Floyd Mother

I realize this one might be tricky, because of the 5/8 and 6/8 parts in the verses and the 9/8 part in the chorus And the fact that the verses are mostly in 4/4 (or 8/8 as I like to think of it) and the choruses are mostly in 6/8…

I think I may have a way to put this together.

Each Verse has 2 5/8 bars and a 6/8 bar. This adds up to 16/8. The rest of it is in 4/4 (or 8/8). I think I can stitch together a basic pattern and it would all add up to 16 8/8 measures. Essentially “6” is 1 after the first 5/8, “3” is 1 after the second 5/8 bar and then back to 1=1 after the 6/8 bar.

The chorus is in 6/8 but can be instead put as 3/8 to account for the 3/8 measure towards to end (Cozy and warm!/healthy and clean)

The solo is all in 4/4, so that’s easy enough.

I’m going to take a stab at creating something. it won’t be 1 press, but most likely a “lead” part, a “verse”, and a “chorus”. I may also do a “hats” version of the verse and chorus to play during the first 2 verses and first chorus. We’ll see. If anyone is interested I’ll post the results back here when I get to it.

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Please put Mother together. OPB would be great also. I have been playing this song for years and would love to add Beat Buddy to my playing.

I’ll see what I can do

Thank You!