Pink Houses -Mellencamp OPB & OPBK

A project suggested by a band mate I put low on my interest list for years. Got to working on it and like many others I misjudged now I’m enjoying it. Moved it to D. There’s a bass only version and another with piano doubling the vocal. Initially added to make it easier to learn the phrasing but I prefer leaving it in place now.

I’ve tried a number of kits but have tailored one of my favorite Phil Flood kits - Bose Jazz Trio - to my taste. Some of the others I tried the organ/piano weren’t useful without work. The Acoustic Piano & 2119 Hammond might work perhaps if you like the handclaps. The organ is dominant with some nice piano sprinkled in but works without the keys as well.


  • MIDI map .txt for Bosendorfer Jazz Trio
  • Keys and bass only versions
  • Cheat sheet (with my usual color coding to fit a single page)
    Pink Houses - OPB, (88.6 KB)