Pixel Artifacts On Lower Left of the Text Image "2"

Is it just me, or anyone else have some pixels appearing on the lower left of the text image “2.”

Hey there, is this on the latest version 3.5.1?

yes, the 2 has this

Yes Brennan, I have 3.5.1 going. The artifact occurs on 2% memory used also. It does not occur on any other character.

I have it too, It is there every time there is a “2” is on the screen.

Me 2, I just went straight to a song’s settings and looked at the 2x2 or 6x6 options and the 2s there have the same distortion.

Yup I’m on latest firmware and all number 2 has a weird character at the bottom left.

Fixed with new font in Aeros beta 4.0.0!