Platform for the BB pedals

Thought I’d share this with everyone. I just built a quick platform with some scrap plywood and some rubber matting I had in my garage. The platform is angled and it goes from about 2" high down to a point. I glued a piece of rubber matting on the platform and then using a draw knife I cut out two shapes to fit the pedals, so that they sit in there and don’t move. On the sides of the wood that sit on the floor I glued strips of non-slip material I had (same stuff that is used in drawers of tool boxes so the tools don’t slide around).
We just gave it a test drive tonight and works great, so me and my buddy look forward to using it at our gig tomorrow night.

Very cool! I took a shelf piece, slapped some velcro on it and called it a day (I had a case from a old car DVD thing that fit the shelf and Beat Buddy just fine. Hopefully will have pics to post up soon.

looking forward to seeing the pics

If you play on a stage with carpet Velcro does the trick.

Here’s the upgraded version…I ran a heavy duty electrical cord and connected it to a female plug under the board so that the pedal could be plugged into it. I never liked the flimsy thin cord that comes with the pedal being walked on on the floor. I secured the wires and connection with clips and a metal band. Next thing is I will secure the pedals onto the board with two-sided carpet tape and the whole thing can then be transported in one piece.

I share/run mine with an Alesis drum machine, …
the volume pedal works to kill the Alesis…
… or bring volume up on the BBuddy… (or stop it, if I forget)
I like your power placement … I have a thick metal cord for security, (piece of mind)
but could easily make room for that plug … thanks for the idea ! :wink:
( I found an old hack saw blade lying around for the sliding issue…
I’m not budging on any carpets I’ve played on lately …lol )

just curious, what’s the Alesis drum machine do? I’m wondering how you manage 2 drum machines :slight_smile:

The Alesis is my ‘playing w bass player’ setup, GStu’s BB w bass is letting him play guitar a little more.
I use a laptop with midi files (mostly edited to drums/bass) into a Roland 1080 sound module.

I have a 4 ch unpowered generic mixer the drum machines run into it,
set both levels to match, the mixer output plugs in to the volume pedal.
volume out goes to a 8 ch powered mixer … no noises, works great … surprised me :wink:


Here is version 3 of my board, actually 3 boards. Input board, loop board and Beat Buddy board.

I wanted to keep the Beat Buddy and footswitch together. I happen to also have a case that belonged to a portable DVD player; and my little BB board fits quite neatly along with the power supply and 1/4" stereo cables that I use to connect the BB to the Akai Eie Pro that I use as a “mixer” for my M-Audio BX5s and interface for recording.


wow…you have busy feet :slight_smile:

HA! I never have more than 2 dirt boxes on at the same time, though recently the Sonic Stomp and EQ never get turned off when I play.
The post board, however can be a bit complicated. Reverb and delay stay on and usually one other effect, it gets bit crazy if I use the “Freeze”.
…now that I think of it when I power everything on, I DO kinda feel like Fred Astaire…

Here is a Layout of my Pedalboard. It is in three sections and is angled as you can see to fit into a U-Shape. This is a great layout for me. I don’t play gigs anymore and I can sit down and use this one. (Bad Back). It has a 6 inch Rise angle and the Pedals on the top riser are 2 inches above the other pedals. This is a composite drawing so no cables are shown. It is completely “Noise Free” so far and I had to remove some pedals that conflicted with others. The Beat Buddy fit right in and if you look close, just above the Beat Buddy is the Volume/Tone Box I built to have better control on the output of the Beat Buddy. The two Boss FS-5U Pedals control the Beat Buddy for Tempo and Program Advance. Fingerstylepicker.[ATTACH=full]929[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]929[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]929[/ATTACH]

Nicely depicted.

You guys are inspiring me to build one. I need to have one that gets my BB up off the floor about 2-3 feet. I did the Norbert foot switch mod so I don’t have to bend over to adjust the buttons and knobs while I’m wearing my bass guitar.

I still need to be able to hit the pedals with my feet while I’m playing so the bottom of the stand needs to hold the footswitches.

I went the hands free route with no bending, now I plan to combine the two pedals into one box. Named to BB after a buddy that played drum in a group I played with, LOL.

How did you do that? Hands free?

I guess what I should have said was bend free, sorry.

I’ll take that! did you do it? figure it out?..I cant stand the bending thing…quite annoying

Well started out by doing this hack/mod,
then I took an unused ipad mic mount, inserted a piece of wood for the platform and there you have it.