Play a midi note when midi CC is received

Hi, I want play a midi note (C1 for example when a midi CC is received), like a midi translation.
It’s works for accent hit (CC-110) but I want make the same with a kick for example.
Is it possible ? or do you have a special tips ? thanks

The only way I can think to make that happen is to make the note you want to play the accent hit and use CC-110. Here’s why…

The BB does not do MIDI translation/mapping. The CC-110 does not translate to “Play Note C3,” but, rather, “Play the assigned accent hit.” So, if you associate the sound you want with a certain note and then assign that note as the accent hit for the selected part, you’ll get the result you want using CC-110, it just won’t be because of the logic you want or might expect.

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