Play ACCENT HIT when beatbuddy is stopped - Stomping Bass

Hi everyone. I havent found anything about this in the forum.
Is it possible to play an accent hit (for example a Bass Drum) even when the Beatbuddy is stopped?
I´d love to use the beatbuddy pedal as a stompin bass sometimes with different Bass drums.



Ok - just like in school - when asking someone, you find the sollution yourself! So here is my workaround.

  1. Create a new song
  2. Use the attached file (midi loop with only one UNUSED note) as your main loop
  3. Set your accent hit to a Bass drum (wav file)
  4. Start the beat (you hear nothing, since the main beat is nearly empty) & use the accent!

I have attached the song and the empty midi file so you can also rebuild my workaround. Hope this helps some of you guys!

Maybe I should post this in the ressources forum too?