Play Parts 1-6 buttons

Hello Everyone,

I have been experimenting with the 6x6 commands. I am very confused about the Play
Parts 1-6 button. When I hit the button it displays play part 1 through play part 6, however when I choose to hit any of the part buttons the MM will not stay on this page. If I hit play part 1 it switches to another page, and out of the play parts page. Is there a way to keep the MM on the play part 1-6 page? Am I missing something obvious?


If you use the default mode NO
You need to make a custom
You can make a custom with the same commands of the default mode
Just make a new custom when asking for blank>Beatbuddy >Aeros
Choose Aeros
Now you will have the same but you need to go to the Parts Page on the App and tap on Part 1 you will see Redirect and a number on the right > Tap on the number and choose “None” and Save
You need to do this for each part , Don’t forget to save everytime
Than sync the gears
that’s it
Keep in mind that you need to press the Switch Left and Middle together to come bac to the Home page of the Maestro

Thank you so much. I am quickly realizing that I am needing a 2nd MIDI maestro, one for the BB and one to control the Aeros.

Hey there,

As much as I would love to say that you need a second maestro it may not be the case, if you do, that’s totally cool we definitely have a lot of users that need two, or even three MIDI Maestro‘s and they’re set up to do all the things they need to do easily.

It is not completely true that you need to buy another Maestro to control both the Aeros and the BeatBuddy it’s just about creating a custom mode the combines all the things that you like about both default modes and maybe even some things that you wish the default mode did too.

Some thing that’s really great about the BeatBuddy in the Aeros is that depending on which way you set them up they both have the capacity to control the other to some degree. If you set the Aeros is the master it can control the beatbuddy pretty well. If you have the MIDI Maestro at the head of the chain, it’s very easy to control them independently using different sets of commands.

Here is a full list of all supported MIDI commands for both devices (devices are separated by sheets)

For example the Aeros and the BeatBuddy have independent start and stop commands that do not affect one another, they also share transition commands making it easy to transition both. By using midi channels you can further separate how the devices interact with incoming midi.

If you are new to MIDI I highly suggest reading the MIDI section of the MIDI Maestro manual which goes into all the specifics of MIDI, typical commands, and other general MIDI info.

The MIDI Maestro uses a combination of press and release, functions, toggle, functions, and redirect functions that change the page when that button is pressed.

This is why, when you’re using the Aeros default mode and you’re trying to switch parts one through six, the page is switching. The default mode has those buttons set to switch back to the main page where the part commands can be recalled.

You can create a template of the default mode very easily or even create a new custom mode from scratch, check out this video tutorial of how to use the MIDI Maestro app to make a custom mode!

Thanks for the question!

Thanks Brennen,

If I understand correctly, I can stack several commands under one button push, that can activate different MIDI devices at the same time. I know this may sound “lazy,” but wish there were ready made solo performer templates that I could dial up. I am just loving using the Aeros, MIDI Maestro and the BB. I think the more time I am spending with it will eventually develop how I can use it best for my needs. I am very excited to get things established into a routine so I can get back out to perform with these new tools, but it’s going to take more focus and experimentation. At first I thought about integrating a vocal harmonizer with one button push to actuate a drum fill on the BB and to engage a vocal harmony patch, but now I am considering pre-recording those parts and having them all on the Aeros. They will sound more natural that way and not “computerized,” and will leave more space on my pedalboard. Yesterday I thought of an idea…
I wish there was an Aeros App that I could use to display the Mixer section of my loops on my phone or ipad. It would be easier for me to view it and to adjust it with my finger than to have to hit a button to get to the mixer section and then to move a fader with my foot.

I think you guys at Singular Sound are doing us all a great service, first by creating these wonderful products, but also to make yourselves available to help us and to glean from our user experiences and difficulties.

Thank you very much.

Hey there,

Excited for your journey with our products!

Just wanna say if you use a MIDI controller BLE enabled app on your phone, you can pair the app to the MIDI Maestro and you can have the Aeros mixer controlled by your phone.

Learn about all possible MIDI controls, including the mixer controls, here.

This works because the MIDI Maestro converts any BLE it receives and sends it to its MIDI Out port :slight_smile: