Play/Stop function per individual tracks


From what I understand there is only STOP and PLAY function for all tracks.
Is there a plan to integrate Stop/play per track?
Now if I want to NOT hear a certain track I need to mute it, but that is not the same as Stop function, as when unmuting it doesnt wait for the start of the bar. FurthermoreI also might overdub a tiny piece when double clicking to mute. Would be convenient to be able to stop and play individual tracks in general.

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You can change mute settings in settings to mute immediately or at end of loop and maybe a third mute setting

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Hey there,

there is no way to play one track without playing other parallel tracks, if you want one track to play without other tracks you must have it in a separate part.

About your comment on a tiny piece of your over to being recorded, we have already dealt with that! We have made it so that overdubs that would start recording are trashed if a mute is sent with a double-tap. So no need to worry about that. You can always change the setting for muting like mentioned above.

This being said, we do not intend on making it possible to only play one track in a part, this is not an intended use for the Aeros. For this reason, I will tag this as considered, thank you for your feedback.


I understand, thank u! :slight_smile:

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