Play the entire song ? ! please

Bought some songs (some of them with 10 parts) . Impossible to know Chen to Change the parts. No way to include a song file including all the the parts the way they are played in the original track ?

I don’t think what you are asking for was ever the intended purpose of the BeatBuddy (BB) however, you have two options:

  1. To use the one-press songs that users have contributed to the forum and the other is to
  2. Wait on the promised delivery by Singular Sound of the Autopilot feature which may help users program a song to play the parts that (in their minds) would most closely resemble the way the song was originally recorded by the artist.
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I think I read something about them adding named part support. That would help enormously for these large part-count songs.

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When playing alone a single Midi file for one song would be usefull…

You’re welcome. You can take your pick from this (linked) category or search for one-part (OPB) songs.

You’ll have to search the forum to find the corresponding user-created drum set. Most of my songs include just the drums as well as versions with bass or other instruments such as piano, horns, string, etc.

Many of us old-timers did a lot of work with the venerable Alesis HR drum boxes. Being able to create songs by stringing parts together was a key feature. If BB had a mode where users had the option to simply play an arranged song on occasion, that would be great.

Reminds me of the old trackers that used to play small samples triggered from a sequence. Then just banged together those sequences to make a song.

Some of the output was unbelievable. Very looper/drum friendly idea whose time has perhaps come again.