Play thru

Hi there.
Do we have the Auto play through feature yet?
Thanks Ronny

If you are referring to autoloop, it’s not available and probably shouldn’t be expected for some time.

Hi yeh thanks.
I was just wondering, as it’s been six months since i last asked, must be a big job broke out…Beat buddy 2 ??

I think they’re working on BeatBuddy Manager v2.0 and as to when we’ll be graced by it’s delivery and in the now notorious words associated with software development “Any time real soon now.” :smiley:

I see the Autoloop in setting has vanished with new firmware, i know it didn’t actually function but now its gone is that it?

I’m guessing you meant the “autopilot” capability. The due-outs from Singular Sound are the MIDI Song ID and Autopilot but I would not expect them with the next release of the BBM. Maybe a later version . . . .

Is this ever gonna happen?

I know.
One press is a nice workaround but I feel the Autopilot would be the better way, considering how the BB song parts and the manager were originally made.

Sigh…the eternal wait for MIDI song ID…

Without knowing the inner workings, it doesn’t seem like a difficult task…database id versus order in list. Anyway, I know I have no idea, just frustrated this is taking so long if ever…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since the launch of the Beatbuddy… nothing happens quickly (if ever). It’s almost as though they really don’t want to actually advance the BB’s capabilities. Just more drum samples… which in my opinion are enough already.