Playback issues with difference in BPM between Aeros and BB

As for the couple issues created when trying to playback songs that have a different BPM setting on the two-

Such as songs going silent and waveforms not keeping up.

Does it have to do with songs being eternally editable? Being that you can have only one BPM per song. This wouldn’t be a problem except for the underlying issues.

Could there not be just a playback mode where each unit doesn’t look for the others BPM?
As it is, even to play back a completed song we have to change the BPM on the Aeros to match each individual song.

Maybe have EDIT and PLAYBACK modes?

Hello, yes, this is a known issue and there are some solutions we are looking into namely filtering out incoming clock to avoid this from happening in the first place, that action requires a UI and preferably a hands-free access.

This happens because the Aeros cannot change tempos once recorded, and is also constantly resyncing to incoming tempo. This improves performance vastly when used correctly (prevents eventual drift from occurring), but ‘confuses’ the Aeros if there is a mismatch.

We hope to have a permanent solution soon and we are working on it!

Thanks for reporting and for your patience :slight_smile: