playing 1 single midi file ONLY

I’m curious if it’s possible.

There’s one particular song where it’d be great to just play one midi drum file but not have it loop as it’s the whole song.
I thought I could put it into the intro box in manager but it needs to have something in the drum loop box or it won’t save as a song.

I considered making a 1 bar mid file with 1 note but the velocity right down so I could play the long file in the intro box & when it finishes just play the silent 1 bar loop till I stop the playback.

Is there a more elegant way ?


You’re on the right track. If you’ve already imported an OPB song, most will have either an Empty or a NULL file in the Main Drum Loop. Just hi-lite the Empty or NULL section and use control- or Command-C to copy that file and then paste it into the Main Drum Loop section of the song you’re working on. You can put your MIDI drum file in either the Intro or the Outro.

Which file, the NULL? Or the one that is already in the intro? Sorry I am a bit confused here haha.

The BBM expects a MIDI file in the Main Drum Loop section.

If the source OPB song has a NULL or an Empty in the Main Drum Loop, copy and paste that NULL or Empty into the target song Main Drum Loop section. If a picture would help, let me know.


Thank you all so much.

Having thought it over all night I think I’ll just create a 1 bar with one silent note in it & put it into the main loop.
It can then keep cycling till I hit end & have my long file play out from there.
(Or is that what you said ?.. sorry, I’m still struggling with the terminology)

Thank you for clarifying this in my head though, very much appreciated.

What a cool little box… now I’ve just gotta figure out the bass stuff.
Thankyou all.

Should’ve added, what a cool little box!!

The Empty and NULL are the same thing that you are going to create tonight and will loop endlessly until you stop the pedal.

Brilliant, a really simple and elegant solution, thanks P :slight_smile:

Yep works a treat… thanks chaps.

What’s more, I’ve had a MAJOR win.
Been booked to do a duo gig on Fri & have been putting it off… but today I set it all up & WOW…

Beat buddy running drum loops… but recalled via an old iPad 2 using stagetrax mounted in a behringer is202 which gives me proper audio & midi in/ out from the iPad, PLUS in sync lyrics & cheat notes !!!

The really cool thing though, I needed a couple of tracks to run a real time bass line (which I am playing out of stage trax) with the BB locking to it & playing the drums in perfect sync. Rock solid.
Stagetrax sends a prog change to BB at start of every song, but the songs where there’s bass, it actually loads the right song on BB then plays the .WAV file & BB chases it.
Love it.

Stagetrax - I just looked at this app. Looks interesting. How do the Bass-Files from your iPad / stagetraxx get in synch to the beatbuddy? Is there a midi clock running? I think wav files do not contain / send midi informations, or do they?