Playing back saved tracks

When I activate the Aeros it is always ready to record loops. Sometimes I just want to trigger a previously recorded track. How do I tell it I do not want to record?

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Question: How are you activating the Aeros? What commands are you sending/using?


Actually, I am not sure how to answer. Do you mean settings on the BB or the Aeros? I do know the BB is in control, it is sending the BPM to the Aeros. I seemed to get what I’ve been looking for quite by accident yesterday. I switched “parts” and a rhythm track (guitar) I had created on the Aeros Kicked in. It seemed to be in sync with the beat, although my clumsy execution had me in doubt. Trying the same thing today it seems different. It was kicking in on part 2/2 yesterday. I think I accidentally hit record today recorded somerandom notes on 2/2. Yesterday’s rhythm track seems to be playing on 1/2 but it does not kick in until I hit “next part” in 2/2 and it comes back to 1/2 and the rhythm track plays. If I can be more specific about my settings you might let me know which settings in particular you would like me to reference.

Hey, I’m sorry, but I’m having trouble following you here,

You could help me understand better by telling me:
Are you in quantized mode?
Are you trying to stop the Aeros from playing back every time you switch parts?
Does the Aeros need to come in to record playback with the BeatBuddy ever? Like do you expect BB to set up Aeros to record at any point?

Any info on the song settings you’re using could be helpful to me as well


In the Aeros song setup I do have “Quantize to measure” ON. It would be OK to allow the playback when the part is switched. For example: Switching the BB from a Groove with the Hi-Hat to a groove with the ride cymbal and a backing rhythm track would be great.
The BB would not need to set the Aeros up to record, at least not as I am using it now.
I have NO count-in. Sync tracks is OFF (not sure that is best though).

Ok! Easy! Just go to the main device settings and set the MIDI IN Start setting to Playback only, just press the Record option button to deselect it. This will both start the Aeros playback but also keep it from starting recording when receiving a MIDI Start command. If the Aeros part is empty, it will enter a “scrolling” mode that allows you to see the Aeros playing back the empty part, making starting a recording on time very easy.

Let me know if this is the solution to your issue!

I set the AEROS to Playback Only in the device settings. Basically by turning record “off” (deselecting it). The Aeros part is “empty”. I was able to record a rhythm track that is one vers long to solo over. I did not at any point see “scrolling”. The part

now recorded lies in wait. I was able to cue it in mid-performance and get to back my solo guitar work. As a test I saved and reloaded the song. When reloaded the part I want loads as an unselected track and I am unable to select it. I will include a photo of the screen.

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This is not an empty song! It has an undone track, that counts as a track, because it can be redone. The song must be empty, no recorded tracks or undone tracks.

I was counting on content being present there. Perhaps I accidentally “undid” the content. It seems to me that I should still be able to select that track though. I cannot seem to do so.

I’m sorry, you lost me a bit,

Does Aeros work correctly when the song is cleared? Are you saying that you can’t select the track? That’s because 2x2 does not have a track selection method, each track has a button committed to it.

Is there something I misunderstood here?

Let me know, thanks!

I’m revising this reply. I think I’ve discovered the problem. I am not releasing the record button quickly enough. Since my foot action is seemingly too slow I am looking for the setting that activates the button on “Release” instead of “Press”. Perhaps that will provide the results I want.

Hey there,

Sorry, but this would likely not be a path we would consider any time soon, as we have spent a lot of time making it so that the Aeros would never do this: Record on the release. This is to allow for recording to always be a timely event that is always initiated by a press.

You could make a new feature request on it, but I am telling you now it is unlikely we will go to a setting to change this behavior any time soon.

Still, other users may agree with you.

Thank you!

Personally I think this is an absolute. If there were one unbreakable rule for loopers it should be this: if an action is time sensitive it must be on press.

I used an RC30 for an embarrassingly long time, feeling like my timing was always just a little off until I realised that the pedal didn’t close loops on press, it closed on release. Honestly: maybe I’m just not as competent a musician as others, but playing, singing and trying to time a release perfectly requires such concentration that it’s just too stressful to do in live situations.

That’s a long way of saying 100% agree.


I started working on doing a faster press and release. I guess holding down too long told it I wanted to undo. Doing better with practice.

Practice will definitely help; looping is definitely an additional skill for guitarists.

The thing that helps me is to think of the loop actions, which (as above) are always a press not a release, as just one out of your normal toe-tapping time keeping. The reason the on-press is so important is because of that. Your normal, instinctive, toe-tap is on the beat. So in a four bar loop you just move the appropriate toe tap to being above a button:

press, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, press, 2, 3, 4

Ta da. Now the looping skill isn’t about timing, it’s just about angling your foot a bit.