Playing live wth the Beatbuddy

So we have been playing live with the Beatbuddy pedal for a few months now.
I bought a Jamman loop pedal to make my own backing tracks to simplify things.

We are a 3 piece ( 2 singers and a guitarist ) and needed a bass player to fill things out.
After looking around I could not find one locally so I decided to buy a cheap bass guitar ( never played one before ), loop pedal and create my own backing tracks.

I lay the drums from the Beatbuddy down first. Then add Bass. Then guitar if I think it needs it. Some songs do and some don’t. Harmonies are done on the night by the Male and female vocalist.
I then save it as a singular in the looper so it does not keep looping when finished.
The Jamman has a 10min loop capability.

I find for me this gives me the control over the sound of the backing track and makes my live performance
lots easier and more relaxed!! I don’t like stress.

This has enabled us to do lots of songs that were not possible before and I think to a better standard.

There is a sample recording below from our practice last night. This was recorded with a Tascam DR05 and has no editing whatsoever.

Nice voice!