Playing songs opb format

Is it possible to set the drum track from the premium library to play start to finish rather than double pressing through the parts ?

We have been promised something called “autopilot” for quite some time. When that is released, Goran has indicated that the Premium Library songs would be updated to implement the autopilot feature. For now, the only way to accomplish what you want is to export the parts to a DAW and arrange them to match the song. I have attempted this with a couple songs, and it takes me well passed my level of patience. I usually wind up hunting down a midi version of the song and using its drum track instead.

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Ha ha thanks Phil .They are nice tracks but they are so chopped up I don’t know how anybody can transition through every loop to get through a song. I bought this library and wished I hadn’t. This auto pilot thing would work well but it sounds like it may never actually happen. I think what you ae doing with loops is by far the best for live playing.


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