Please add intro for every BeatBuddy song

Some of the default content (and perhaps the paid content, I don’t know) beats have no intro fill. That makes them pretty useless, particularly when combined with aeros.

Please, even if there is no fill wanted musically, ensure every song has a four click intro at the least. Or provide an option to generate one automatically when intros are enabled and the song doesn’t have one.

It’s not too hard in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to opt- or alt-drag an intro from a song that has one to one that doesn’t.

I understand… But why should we have to?

I’d have to go thorough every song, check if it has an intro, copy a correct time signature intro if not.

And then… Everybody else has to as well. Should be in the default content IMHO.

There may be as many users that prefer not to have an intro for a song and would then have to resort to deleting the intros. Their argument could just as easily be “but why should we have to.” It could swing either way but as long as the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) provides that flexibility, it serves to meet the demands of both requirements.


That makes no sense. There is an option to disable intros if you don’t like them. There’s no option to put them back if you do.

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Your problem statement is pretty clear and what I think you’re asking is that either a) Goran Rista add intros where they are missing in those few beats that don’t have one or, b) that some type of programming in the pedal enable an intro fill for each beat. From your problem statement, I can only surmise that you’re asking for the former.

According to the Singular Sound web pages, there are 24 genre folders and 220 beats (the Singular Sound refers to them as styles) in the 2.1 default content; of those, it appears that none of the beats in the Jazz and the Metronome folders include intros. With the exception of those 2 folders, it appears that there are roughly 30 beats across the other genre folders that don’t have any intros.

I’ve always though of the Singular Sound as being a pretty robust erector set and what I’m suggesting is that the capability already exists in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to add, delete even change intros within songs using copy and paste.

Using the 1st song in the Country folder as an example, it doesn’t include an intro.

If you want to add an intro, highlight any of the other sections in the 1st song and use Copy

Highlight the empty intro section and when it turns green, press Paste

If the beat includes an intro and if a user doesn’t want it, it’s as easy as clicking on the X in the upper right of the song section to remove it.

If the capability and flexibility didn’t already exist in the BBM, I’d think your request might have merit. What is it that I’m not understanding about your request?


Thank you for trying to be helpful and for the in depth tutorial, but I think you’ve misunderstood.

I’m perfectly able to do what you describe, but that only makes the default content right for me. That’s fine selfishly. My request is so that that work doesn’t have to be repeated by every BeatBuddy user. Every beat should have a count in of some sort is all I’m saying. Some have intros, some don’t, which is at least inconsistent.

Personally I don’t see any reason not to have them on all beats, it’s damned near impossible to get in time correctly for a looper without some sort of count in (I’d be happy with a programmatic click if it’s too much to get a human to add them, but dev time seems hard to find for singular, so I doubt that’s the better option). Does anyone have such perfect timing in their heads? Since intros can be disabled globally, people who don’t like intros can turn them off… So why wouldn’t they be in every beat for those who do?

Singular can ignore me of course. It doesn’t hurt me because I can add them myself exactly as you say. I just think it’s a better product if they all have a count in at least.

Doesn’t your BB flash the tempo, you know, with the scrolling bar across the screen?

It does, but that’s only enough to get you close to the tempo not enough to get spot on… Or at least it is for me.

The key thing is when it’s used as a looper count in. Without the looper, yeah I could pick up the tempo near enough from a flash. With a looper, the timing has to be perfect in or the loop is messy at the front.

Interesting request, we can consider it! Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks for response.

I thought of another use case that the flash doesn’t help with.

If BeatBuddy is the drummer in a band, the whole band needs something to synchronise off for the start of songs. When it’s a real drummer, he bangs his sticks together. BeatBuddy should do that too.

this is a must feature i must say. Even if no intro then atleast metronome click or drumstick clicks be preffered to the songs with missing intros please.
@BrennanSingularSound , @DavidPackouz.

@kingofthejaffacakes is not the only one in need for this.
And obviously those who don’t want intro they can disable the intro for the specific song or even globally.

Cutting out is 10times easier than making and adding on. Law of nature, rite?