Please be honest - will Beatbuddy Manager ever get updated?

Ah, that’s a good idea. But still extra work for something that shouldn’t happen. Though the magic red line does suddenly reappear sometimes so the way you said could be a safe guard for it. :+1:

Yeah I know they’re not that keen but to me I think it would be disappointing if they didn’t. The software should support the hardware. The basics are there, they just need to bring it up to date.

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All the requests and concerns have been mentioned several times in the forum.
SS should already know what needs fixing/updating.
But I don’t hold my breath any more. :slightly_frowning_face:

Further to this, BeatBuilder had so much potential to get it right. If it supported working with bass notes it would of been awesome. It’s a shame it’s not supported any more.

I always thought BeatBuilder was someone else’s baby and nothing to do with SS.

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Yeah it was developed by a user I believe but it could of been awesome. It’s a shame it didn’t get developed further or anyone else take it up from where it was.

I’ll take note of all the things you posted there! I will say that most of the features I am referring to are more foundational reworking of how files are used and stored. The next version of the BeatBuddy manager (2.0.x) will only be a redesign of the UI and file management, we also intend to be able to quickly build Auto-Pilot into it once the editor is underway.

There are however significant suggestions from Goran for better UI and features within Drum Set creation, we are currently looking into what we can do to better the experience for every creator while also keeping all functionality, hopefully easily adding some features without major rework needed of BB firmware (at least at first).

We are leaning towards eventually adding a midi editor, but likely as it’s own release.

We will be doing a more official report of our plans soon, thank you all for your thoughts and feedback!


Of course it all makes sense what you say. It’s a shame though when if you import a MIDI into the Manager from a DAW or similar and you just want to fine tune some of it, maybe some velocities or note modifications and then you’d have to go out of the software, back to your DAW, edit, save and export, then import back into the Manager. Having an editor as a stand alone ends up behaving the same way.

I still believe having the TOTAL solution in one software package is the better option. Some may disagree with me I’m sure but just an opinion. And new comers would find it much easier and more attractive having the total solution all in one. The basics are there in the existing Manager, why not base it on that but a working version?

You mentioned BBM 2.0.x! Is there any estimated publication month or year in sight?

We are working to get the best version of this software going as soon as possible, thank you all for your patience!


Good luck with the new BBM. If it’s as good as the BB itself, I can’t wait!


Really? I know a lot of your comment is (partly?) sarcastic, but don’t we all realize that SS actually CANNOT deliver on their promises? They do NOT have the development team to do it (never had). Money is not the solution; people are. And this company simply does not have the expertise on staff to execute their promised products (vision) that have ALREADY BEEN SOLD to duped customers. It is not an excuse that management of SS made poor investments in development teams that could not execute. That is a mistake you make before incorporating and selling product. Not afterwards. SS is a sham. Probably owes the Idiegogo investors their money back for never delivering the product that was promised. Maybe when the software update comes out (if ever), they should bundle it with a refund on the hardware, as solace for breach of contract. And the gall to charge more than the pedal’s cost for the song packs, which basically says that the overly-expensive product sold was only a part product.

BTW- speaking of Autopilot, here is a humorous quote from an April 2016 post on this forum (haha!):

"like i’ve said in some previous posts, i’m already too busy with my feet during songs, so even though i bought it a long time ago and tried to make it work, i’m gonna start using the beatbuddy when autopilot mode is fully functional and working.
maybe it already is?
anyone tried it and use it in autopilot mode?

are there any songs available that autoplay from start to finish?
how do you make songs already shared (that include tapdancing) autoplay from start to finish?
could this be easily done right from the bb manager?"

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Strong but honest.
SS is sending me emails asking if I want to buy the Aeros.
My response was that I won’t buy anything from SS until they fix the BB Manager.
I keep wondering if that will ever happen.

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<insert company response “it is coming soon” here>

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Hi @BrennanSingularSound. Further to things for the new BBM I have seen others comment occasionally about the way the BBM users folders and the file system in general. I wasn’t too sure what they were referring to but the past 2 days I have been modifying drumsets and I came across the problem where windows couldn’t use the files anymore because the file path was too long. Then I discovered it! Layers upon layers of folders within folders within folders duplicating wave files etc for the drumsets! Wow!! I think the current version of the BBM just doesn’t care where it puts stuff it just continuously creates nesting folders all throughout the workspace!

This needs to be sorted for the new version!

Vaporware… just like fully functional MM apps…

My hope for BBM V2 is that it is built on a platform that will allow it to be ported to Linux, Android, and Chrome OS. If it’s going to be open source, it needs to support Linux, and the three I listed are all Linux based.

My $.02


Hey again,

Basically, the new version will refer to files that are part of a directory instead of endlessly duplicating things in deeper and deeper folders as BBM 1.0 does. We definitely are considering this!

Thanks for the feedback!

Untrue now :slight_smile: MM app for iOS 1.4.1 is released and functional. We have not abandoned this project.

Thanks for the feedback!

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BBM on Android immediately please!

Hey Brennan,

I’ve been using BBM heaps.
You mentioned most of the dev is being spent on UI and file management.

If songs were created in a singular library with lots of metadata for searching and categorising we could then create setlist to export to SD cards. This also means editing 1 file would make changes in multiple places if the same song was duplicated in multiple setlists.

If you weren’t interested in going down the path of the one program for all uses (file manager and midi editor), you could also consider having a BB plugin, designed so you can route midi from your DAW straight into a simulated BB, for the purpose of hearing user BB kits, and how BB will interpret the midi. This process is currently very time consuming, and also very necessary as BB interprets midi very differently to Ableton in my findings.