Please be honest - will Beatbuddy Manager ever get updated?

I would like to know what you mean by “interprets midi differently.” No disrespect intended. i just have no clue what you mean by that. BB takes a “note on” message with a given velocity parameter and plays the note. If the note is designated in a BB kit as “percussion,” it plays that note without send a “note off” message, and the note plays for the full length of the sample assigned to that note. If the note is designated as “non-percussion” it recognizes the “note off” message, and terminates playback of the sample at the point. If that’s what you’re getting at, you could make Ableton replicate that behavior. by adjusting the ADSR parameters.

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Fair call, Phil.
I’m referring to the interpretation of midi data to what we hear in the end. I’m not sure what you call that.
I bought a kit online which I used in Ableton. I then recreated that kit in BBM. When I make beats in Ableton and export the midi data to BBM it sounds different. I always need to make minor tweaks to get it to sound right.
Maybe it’s not a midi conversion issue?

It’s probably a note release issue. Ableton splits a sample into its ADSR components, Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release. When the end of a note is reached the Release triggers. BB disregards those components. It just triggers the note, going though all 4 parts if it’s percussion, or,if non-percussion, a note ends without a triggered release. It’s particularly noticeable in bass and keyboard parts, where you may hear a soft clip, as the note ends without regard to whether it is at a zero crossing value. In any event, and I realize that is technical, there is no easy fix given the original programming of the BB. With just percussion, you should be able to get them to sound nearly equal. If you introduce non-percussion parts, you will hear differences.

Never heard of any of those, but I use main stream plugins. Reaper is great though.
At any rate, opensource isn’t working for BB

Wasn’t really done right.

You don’t get good results by just dumping a code base on GitHub.

Couldn’t agree more… They killed themselves with the original coding and now can’t get out of it. BBM is pretty much stuck, seen this happen where I work with a db that was originally written in the 80’s and seen them spend millions trying to covert it to oracle or sql… all unsuccessful.