Please can you help me find a beat for the following

I have a few song that i amloong for beats for. Can you help please

Constant Craving
Kiss Me
I Touch Myself
What’s up
You’re no good
Harper valleyPTA
Before he cheats
Need you now

these are some missing pieces to a number of sets for friends and family and i would love any suggestions

Jolene is in Resources.

Thank you

Where would I find it please?[user][0]=3727&c[rescat]=1

You would find it in the I thru L folder; it will be a pbf song folder

I’m gonna do up constant craving.

You’re No Good:

I’ve got a source file for Need You Now and will take a swipe at it.

Before He Cheats:

Thank you for these

Kiss Me

I’ll work on Harper Valley PTA tomorrow.


Thank you for sharing this! Can’t wait to try it!!