Please Help! Having Trouble with One Press intros

Hi, I’ve had my BeatBuddy for quite a while now and have been getting very familiar with it, but I keep having one problem that I’m hoping someone can give me advice on…
When I’m working with a One Press song that I downloaded from someone on the forums, many times the whole song is in the red “Outro” portion, and depending on the timing of my double-press to start the song, I either miss part of the count-in, intro, or beginning of the song.
Now, some songs do a hi-hat 4 count no matter when I press, but others don’t.
I try to establish the count by looking at the moving bars when in the Green “Part 1” section before I double-press, but it seems each time is different.
Now that I read this back, it may be very hard to understand what I’m trying to say, but I hope somebody can give me some advise on it.
Thanks so much in advance!

@40yoPirate Can you upload a specific song in which this happens so I can verify on my end if it happens as well? And does it work with some One Press songs? Or do all of them do this for you when the whole song is in the outro?

Hi, thanks for the response. I’m just not sure I’m doing it right. When the whole song is in the Outro, the first press gives me the green Part 1 screen and has the vertical bar flashing across the screen to establish the count. I assume I have to double-press exactly on the 4 count so that it comes in right on the 1 count, because when I don’t double-press it exactly then, either the count is cut short (if there is a count) or the beginning of the song is cut off, if I double-press late. This might just be a timing thing and it may be the way it has to be done, but I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing something. I’ve attached a few songs as requested. Please let me know any thoughts. Thanks!
Walking_in_Memphis.sng (22.3 KB) ITS_FIVE_OCLOCK_SOMEWHERE.sng (27.7 KB) SMALL_TOWN.sng (13.9 KB)

What he is describing is totally normal behavior. If the double tap to go to the Outro is not timed correctly, depending upon the “cue fill” settings, the BB will start the outro section at some point other than beat #1. This behavior can be remedied by changing the “cue fill” setting to “next measure.” This will force the BB to start the outro on beat 1.

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Thank you for the response, Phil! I appreciate it.
Is the “cue fill” setting you mention in the Beatbuddy settings on the pedal?
If so, I’ll try to set it to “next measure” as you recommend, and see if that fixes my issue.

Also, experimenting with it, I had a thought that if I move the whole song from the Outro to the Intro in the Beatbuddy manager, then it should start with beat #1 on the first press, I think. Is that another option?
(Although, then I wouldn’t get the benefit of the silent count on the green screen…)

Anyway, any thoughts/responses are greatly appreciated!

Yes, the cue fill setting is a Beat Buddy setting on the pedal. And, yes, moving the outro to the intro works, too. Just remember then, when the song is over, you’ll need to double tap to end the song.

How to set Cue Fill setting:
Press Drum Set and Tempo button at the Same time. Scroll down to Main Pedal (press tap), scroll down to Cue Fill Period, press Tap. Scroll down Next Measure, press tap. Scroll down to Back, press left arrow three times.

You are completely right. I misread his question. Thank you for chiming in! :slight_smile:

Excellent. Thanks so much for your help!

Thanks very much for your support!