Please help with missing beats!

I just discovered that the Ballads beats are missing from my BB. Not sure how that happened.

So I have downloaded the default content backup ( but in there I can only find the folder Ballad-mini with a small selection of ballad beats.

For example, Ballad 1 is missing, and there isn’t a Ballads folder.

Am I missing something here?
Please help! :joy:

The contents of the Ballads-mini are
Ballads mini.pdf (16.5 KB) and it appears that what you downloaded is correct.

However, if you bought the Ballads from the Premium Library , the contents are
Ballads-Premium.pdf (16.3 KB)
and if this is what you are referring to, you can log into your Singular Sound account and re-download them.

For reference, the contents of the BeatBudddy Default Content Update are
BeatBudddy genre folders.pdf (12.9 KB)

That explains it! Thank you so much for your help.

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I recently updated my BB with the new firmware (3.8.0) and installed the latest songs (v2.1). Your instructions on these updates helped a lot!

Is it possible that Ballad 1 was at one time on the BB? The reason I ask is that the song matching tool lists some songs that indicate that Ballad 1 was the patch on the BB and the BB-mini2. Also, I have a bandmate that has the BB mini2 and she has Ballad 1 - 5 on her device. So, something seems strange here.

Right now I just want the other ballad BB songs that you list in the Ballads-Premium list. Is that a bundle that can be purchased separately or do I have to get them by purchasing the Premium Library?

Thanks for your assistance.

Hi, Jim. Glad I could help.

If you read my previous post replying to your question, you can ignore it. This updates that post.

The Default content has 5 Ballad beats.

The Premium Ballad Bundle has 14 beats and is $6. Another $6 will get you the Ballad Drum Set.

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Thank you very much. That is exactly what I was looking for. We’ve got several songs that use the Ballad 1 patch. So for now, think that I’ll go ahead and purchase the Ballad drum kit and beats as you suggested.

Thank you for your support!

Please provide any links you may have to help me with installing these beats and drum kit, please. I do know that I’ll have to use BBM to add these and then, I think, export my workspace to the SD card. But I am on MacPro running Catalina, so I understand that the synchronize project is not working correctly, so any information you have on the steps to take after adding these and writing to the SD card properly. I don’t have any modifications to any of the stuff on my SD card. I’m running the v2.1 drum files and just want to add the ballad stuff and write to SD.


I found some docs and a video tutorial on how to install beats and drum kits and I’ve now imported both and exported to my SD card! The only issue I see so far is that when it installed the Ballad folder, it’s now folder #1 and all the other folders following. Therefore I’ll have to go back and change all the midi commands I have entered so far and change each command to now use the correct folder #. Not a big deal but I was just surprised the new folder didn’t show up at the end to keep from changing the original structure.


Sorry you ran into that problem. It probably happens this way because the assumption is that when you import a folder of beats, it will be placed at the top of the list so that you can start working/playing it. It would be nice to have the option during the import process to position the folder where needed.

You can use the BBM to reposition a newly imported folder from the top of the list by using BBM - Songs - Move Folder Down

Thanks Persist! Ahhh move the folder. Well just have not made it that far in the User Manual…lol. I may give that a try and see how it works.

May i ask what link is used to purchase the premium ballad bundle for the 6.00 you mentioned?