Please Help


I have created a new folder in my BBM…but when I put the card back in the pedal I cant find the song folder…can anyone tell me where its hiding?


Bruce - after creating folders/songs in BBM you need to save the project and then using the Import-Export option at the top of BBM either use the syncronize project or export project to pedal option. Make sure your BB is connected to your computer either directly via USB or with the card connected via a SD card reader.


I screwed something up…when I put the card back into the BB…it is wiped clean…is there a way to export data from BBM back to card?


If all of the content is still on your computer in the BBM you should be able to just use the export project to pedal option. Otherwise you can download all the original SD card content from the download section of the mybeatbuddy website. good luck


I tried to export from BBM to pedal and that didn’t work, I tried to download to the sd card from sd backup but I having a problem up zipping the files …when I put the card in my bb this is what I see
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I not really good with a computer and I really have to be walked thru this…I was supposed to use this bb on my fist gig tonight…looks like that wont be happing…
thanks for all your help its really appreciated


Looks like you will need a WinRAR for that. Install that from, choose wither 32-bit or 64-bit depending on the machine you are having (if you don’t know which version to use - download 32-bit one, it will work regardless). Install that. Ignore any warnings about trial period and stuff. After that, press right mouse button on the downloaded archive and select Extract Here. You will see some new files and folders appear in the directory you are in.
You need to copy these files and folders to your BeatBuddy SD card! Not the archive!!!


Im getting there…I copies the files to the sd card…but “Songs” are not there…the only thing that downloaded to the pedal is drumsets…do you have any idea where the songs are…when I extracted the files they didn’t show up…thanks for all your help


When you open the rar file what files do you see? You should see a number of folders including “songs”, if not redownload the content.


that the weird thing…all the files are there except songs, …I do see the songs in the midi file …can I just copy those ?..I have tried this download many times…but no songs…thanks again


So you are seeing more files now? Does the BeatBuddy work now?


thanks for all your help…I GOT it…it took 7 hours…next time it will take 7 minutes…Ill make my gig


Glad it worked out. Good luck with the first gig.