Please increase the midi note limit to 550

Loving the BB manager!
But the 500 note cutoff for 8 bars is a bit too short.
All of my personal midi beats are in the 510-525 note range for an 8 bar sequence.
If we could amend this, I could upload a lot of good beats to the forum :smiley:


Are you serious? :slight_smile:

550 notes per only 8 bars? That’s insanity!

Not insanity, just need a little more cushion :smiley:

I agree with DrB

Lifting the midi limit could also open the door to interesting polyphony and polyrhythms for creative use of layered sounds and rhythms in performance, composition, and recording.

  • Bob

Real polyphony comes with supporting playback of multiple simultaneous MIDI tracks - this is another tech that may come in future releases.
For imitated polyphony sound feel all you need to do is output BeatBuddy through the reverb pedal to an amp. That way you can force your 500 allowed notes to sound like there are at least 1000 ones :slight_smile:

It would also allow users to put in whole songs that will play with a single button press.

Is the limit there for a reason? I thought it was a technical limitation.

Initially, it was the design thing. Later, when it was implemented into the hardware, a limit of 500 MIDI events was set to keep the pedal code as simple and robust as possible.
When the new tech is available, a way to playback all the song via a single press will definitely be supported. No ETA on this yet.

Looking forward to it! I’ll definitely be ordering one if this gets added and if the RC300 sync is not a problem (getting different messages on this… hopefully it is ok).

I’d love to hear what those 8 bars sound like !
Please upload :smiley:

You could probably hit the 500 note ceiling pretty easily with 8 bars if you’re simulating a full blown Cuban rhythm section :slight_smile:

If 4 Cubans played 16 notes (on their respective instrument) continuously for 8 bars you get 512 notes.
But from what I’ve heard Cubans music leave a lot more space in their music.
That’s why I’d love to hear that MIDI file :smiley: