Please, someone : Church Bells needed!

Hi everybody!

Could somebody have the ability and be kind enough to create a drumset based on church bells ?
–> specifically big, huge, funeral and macabre dark cathedral sounding ones!
And if it is not too much asked, one accent hit also, based on a big bell sound would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks a lot beatbuddy community!

Guess the screen nic says why you’re looking for the somber sounds :slight_smile:

This has kinda been on the back shelf on my intended drum kits. It seems I have very few church bell wav samples.

I got this one good one:

But I did find a soundfont instrument that could work:

Add some reverb, we’ll see. It’s probably just gonna be two octave of bells, if I can make it into that. It’s gonna get put in a kit with bagpipes and marching drums. I’ll try to get to it next week.

Hi Phil any idea on why those castanet wavs came up as 'file corrupted’when i went to play them?

Thanks already for your feedbacks guys!
Just to say, when I have time I will share my personal Black Metal drumsets and extreme beatblasting beats to the community :wink:
Also some stuff which can fit to some more doomy/stoner sounds

They are old files. They played for me with no problems, but sometimes these things don’t work when crossing from Mac to PC. I’ll run them through Switch here in a bit and repost them.

@AnthonyR - go ahead and download them again. They ought to work now.

@Phil Flood thanks !

Black metal songs added in the ressource section! Have a first check to the raw black metal !

Does somebody has any updates regarding my so wanted cathedral bells ? :slight_smile:

Woww that’s awesome! ok I am now just prereading them on my smartphone but will try to package these wav formats into a drumkit file asap. Thank you so much @Phil Flood !!
Just for my curiosity, you took your previous file and changed the pitch, right? Pretty cool!

I actually found an old soundfont called Roland Church Bells. When I opened it, it was only a sample at C3, and going higher, the tone quickly lost quality. But going lower, I was able to get down to F1 with respectable results. So it’s a different sample, but yes, it is essentially just pitch shifted to give the tones other than C3.

I finally have done the Dark Cathedral Bell kit!
Thanks a lot @Phil Flood !
What the hell…? yes apparently hell is raising from this one ! Perfect for great intros from classic Acdc Hells Bells to savage Black Metal !
I will share it and my custom extreme metal drumsets as soon as I can (connection here doesn t allow me to access dropbox…)

Hey here’s a sample including one of the cathedral bells (at the begining)

This track is going to be the intro song in my Black metal album.
I am currently working on my one man musical project called Fosse Commune.

[Yersinia Pestis](‘http://Écouter Yersinia Pestis par Fosse Commune #np sur #SoundCloud’)

Thanks again @Phil Flood !

Nice build up and layering in the song. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Persist!

The other track in the same soundcloud account is a raw black metal, the drum part is performed by the beatbuddy also :slight_smile:

@Phil_Flood can you again share the church bells and/or others good soundfonts?

Church (16.1 MB)

My soundfont archive can be found at these links. There is a 3.6GB download of everything, here:

or you can pick and choose from the folders, here:

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