Please someone post Avalon Beat

ok we have enough Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd ,Beatles,Creedence and Zep beats …
Dont we…? Let’s try some Roxy Music beats , Portishead ,Massive Attack something for those who think a little different

What’s Avalon Beat?

Can’t ever have enough of The Beatles . . . however, if you have some MIDI source files, I’ll be happy to work them up.

P.S. I changed this to the Beat and Drum Requests tag.

True The Beatles are great but a little variety is the spice of life

I knocked out Avalon by Roxy Mudic and shared in with Anthony. I’ll post it to the forum soon, as it appears that Irving is just about done with migrating the songs.

Oh right. Avalon was a particular song. I thought it was a reference to a genre or something! No wonder I couldn’t figure it out.