Please update or let us know what's going on.

I really feel a lag in this forum due to a lack of excitement from new updates. When I first arrived, there was an electric buzz here with new features and a ton of terrific, creative things going on. Now I can be away for weeks and there is very little that I have missed. I love my BeatBuddy and long for the good old days!

LOL I know what you mean but I refrain from saying anything as I hate to ask some one else to be more creative. Its not easy. As I’m sure you know. Would be nice to see a thread talking about anything that may be coming up in the future.

Currently we are in the process of developing the new version of the BBManager, but it is taking us longer than we originally expected. Once we have the beta version ready, we plan on releasing it to the forum. :slight_smile:

Many of us have become addicted/dependent on BB and have grudgingly accepted the rudimentary nature and flaws of its Mgr…and are waiting with increasing anxiety for an upgrade to it. I would agree a forum thread would be fun but maybe the Singular folks fear being distracted by having to deal with an uncontrolled discussion while trying to get this thing done. Apparently I found a modicum of unexpected patience somewhere…

Thanks! Hope it didn’t come off nasty. Cygnus49 hit the nail on the head. I’ve got used to having to juke around to get the current beta to do what I need and found patience when things can’t be done. That’s how much I like and rely on the BB. Anxiously awaiting the next version.

I didn’t take it negative at all, in fact it very uplifting knowing that everyone is anxiously waiting the next update. :wink:

While as mentioned before, it is taking us much longer than expected, we are doing it as fast as we can within these circumstances, and we will get it out there as soon as possible.

I am sure it will be great. I just got my BB a few months ago and initially was diving in, but quite honestly got overwhelmed by the learning curve on song customization, and the reality that I may need to learn another DAW such as Reaper to do what I wanted, and kind of just stepped away and using just the onboard stuff- I have purchased song packs from BB and Groovemonkey.

Unfortunately I do not play the same songs regularly so need a way to customize songs easily.

I am a techy person but have come to the realization that all these tools are a means to an end, and my goal is to make music and not tweak with gear constantly. Focus more on making music.

What I am trying to say is any improvements to the workflow I am sure will be well received and only help the product become more popular.

If you’re techy, you will catch on to the editing pretty quickly. I have found that working with the midi puts me in the composers seat. I love to put my own spin on tunes and it really allows me to express myself with my own versions. I also use it for my own tunes. I use a free midi editor to tweak the midis. It’s simple. I have never been able to figure out cubase or reaper. I’m not terribly techy.

Here’s where to get the Free Midi Editor. Safe to download.

Good luck. Ask questions if you need assitance.

Reaper is just overwhelming to me, but I wish I knew it. I honestly don’t really have a need to do much DAW recording so the learning curve is pretty steep for something I would not use much

Download the Free Midi Editor. It’s very simple to use.

I found Reaper intimidating as well, tons of features that I’ll never use and a learning curve I have no time for. I’ll give Midi Editor a shot, if not it’s back to Reaper I go. Adding bass lines to the Beat Buddy is something I must have, the difference it makes is huge.