Plugged in first time L/mono output has no sound

I just took it out of the box. Plugged it in. And no sound out of the L/mono output channel. I put headphones in and am getting sound out of the right headphone. So I plugged the cord into the Right output channel and am getting sound. What does this mean? That the left channel is broken? Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be checked? Please let me know how to fix this.

Just unboxed and plugged in and no sound is coming out of the L/mono output jack. I checked with headphones and am getting sound out of the right side of the headphone. Plugged into the Right output jack and am getting sound. Does this sound like a faulty jack? Any suggestions? I am really looking forward to using the pedal.


I am not sure this is normal. Your report is the first one of a kind I am seeing here on the forum. My unit sounds properly.

I’d contact support at ASAP. They will definitely help you solve this.