Plugged in my BB via USB and it's now empty?

My BB Mgr shows empty, the project that was created and saved empty. When unplugged my BB reads:
Time sig. -/-
Drum set: STandard

I have a backup on my computer but it wont import. What’s going on??? Help pls!

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Did you create a song title with special characters? If so, that’s probably the source of the problem in your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

Avoid using the USB cable method to transfer data to and from your pedal. If your computer doesn’t have an SD slot reader, it would be money well spent to buy and use an external USB slot reader.

Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to Open Project and navigate to your backup.

The BB was fine and working before I plugged it in via USB. I didn’t do anything, import etc. so no new files were added = nothing different. I will take your advance for future transferring as I have a card reader but what do I do now to get it back to before I plugged it in?

Thx for your feedback & support.

I plugged my SD card using the reader and it appears as if the files are all there.

If you haven’t read the BBM user guide yet, it’s a good place to start.

Not knowing what you’ve done, it would be hard for me to offer a solution without knowing the cause. You can try to recover by using the BBM to Open Project and navigate to your SD card. If that doesn’t get your data back, search for General Disaster Recovery here on the forum and follow the steps I listed.

The name of your backup file has special characters "BB SD Back-up Feb.1 >>’<< 19.bhp. Drop the " ’ " and you might be okay, per Persist.

Ok well thx guys. I had no issues and the file had no issues titled as it is for days including synchronizing. I dunno. I did however try your reco Joel and no go but thx.

If you’d like me to look into this further, you can start a private message with me and attach a zipped copy of the csv file from your SD card Songs folder.

Well that would be great, thank you.

Just to be clear:

  • Just the songs folder and not the other folders on the card?

  • How do I private message you, I believe your profile says private

  • And although I know how to create a cvs file with excel doc’s, I don’t know how I would do it with this file and from the SD


It’s really bothering me. When I powered it on the BB showed the file, when I plugged it in and opened the Mgr it showed no files. Then I went back to the BB after unplugging the USB and it showed no songs.

  • To start a message, click on a user’s avatar and choose Message.
  • Open the Songs folder on your SD card
  • Scroll until you find config.sys file—do not open it or modify this file
  • Zip only the config.sys (I think you can ctrl-click on the file to bring up a contextual menu with zip in it)
  • Attach it in the private message you send me

Got the file zipped no problem but like I said, when I go to your avatar and click on it this message appears “This user’s public profile is hidden.”

You can also message someone by clicking the flag icon on their post and choosing “I want to message about their post”

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I had something similar happen to me; so I deleted everything off the SD card. After that I dowloaded the Firmware again, and Beat Buddy died. I contacted Support, and they told me to send my Beat Buddy to them. So I did, and I just received a call that my Beat Buddy is up and running again. It seems when I downloaded the Firmware, I may have interrupted the download by accident and corrupted the files. After which, I could not do anything to rectify the situation because Beat Buddy now had a blank sceen. I have to say Jay from support was very helpful.

Hey Ginger, thx for taking the time to share your experience. I’m fortunate my situation was a relatively easy fix thx to the support of the forum.