Poker Chip

This song was inspired by the BeatBuddy “Rock 6- Jungle Toms” beat. It was also rather obviously inspired by the likes of ZZ Top and CCR, but it is all original (it just has a little ZZ & CCR style in it). In addition to the BeatBuddy, the song features a 2000 Gibson Gary Moore signature Les Paul and a 2012 Rickenbacker 4003 bass. It was written and recorded today.

Sounds nice. To be honest, up to this point I couldn’t even imagine how one could ever use Rock 6 :slight_smile:
But here you’ve come up with a pretty pleasant sounding track!

Keep it up, and thanks for sharing!

cool grooves!

Like the CCR vibe. Great job. A little crunchy guitar with the riff from La Grange superimposed over that groove would be cool. Maybe like a B section at a faster tempo. Like the sound.