Polka Accordion kit

This kit is a different version of the accordion kit. Drums are the same, with the addition of a bicycle horn for humor. Some cymbal samples had to be cut.

In this kit, Tuba and baritone horn (euphonium) replace the Electric Bass. Clarinet replaces Fiddle. The accordion is an entirely different accordion.

See kit list for note on the use of the tuba.

Thanks Phil

Hi Phil, I’m really a fan of you! Thank you also very much for sharing your work!
If you don’t mind: What songs are you playing with this set?

I haven’t used it for anything yer. I wrote a song that I deleted from my last album that was going to be a Weird Al kind of polka, and this would work great for that. So that was what I had in mind as I built the kit. And the accordion sounded so good in Kontakt, I envisioned that it could be used in all kinds of folk dance music.