Polka Accordion kit

This kit is a different version of the accordion kit. Drums are the same, with the addition of a bicycle horn for humor. Some cymbal samples had to be cut.

In this kit, Tuba and baritone horn (euphonium) replace the Electric Bass. Clarinet replaces Fiddle. The accordion is an entirely different accordion.

See kit list for note on the use of the tuba.

EDITED August 6, 2023:

A very minor change has been made. The tambourine was mistakenly placed at midi 58 when it should have been 54. This has been corrected.

If you choose to download this replacement file for an existing installation of the Polka Accordion kit, please note that while the .zip file is labeled Polka Accordion2, the kit name has not been changed. This kit is intended to replaced the December 2020 kit. Please remove the installation of the existing Polka Accordion kit before attempting to install the new one. BB ignores new kits with the same name as an existing kit, and will not properly install the fixes if there is already a kit named Polka Accordion in your BB Drum Kits list.

Also, if you have already installed Polka Accordion, you could, instead of installing this, make the simple edit needed to the kit, by opening the kit in the BB Manager drum kits list, and then changing the number for the Tambourine instrument from 58 to 54. Then do Drumsets>Save. To make a change to any archival copy of the kit you may have retained on you hard drive, use Drumsets>Save As, and navigate to the existing kit. When prompted whether you wish to replace the existing kit, select yes.

And, for those who wanted one, here is a demo song. Remember, guitar, keys, vocals will fall in the midrange:

Who_Stole_the_Kishka.sng (22.0 KB)

Thanks Phil

Hi Phil, I’m really a fan of you! Thank you also very much for sharing your work!
If you don’t mind: What songs are you playing with this set?

I haven’t used it for anything yer. I wrote a song that I deleted from my last album that was going to be a Weird Al kind of polka, and this would work great for that. So that was what I had in mind as I built the kit. And the accordion sounded so good in Kontakt, I envisioned that it could be used in all kinds of folk dance music.