Poll: What's your favorite pedal button?

Hi guys, we’re taking a survey to see what your favorite pedal buttons are - this will inform the choices we make in our future products.

The factors we take into consideration is:

  • Form factor
  • How easy to press
  • Comfort on bare feet
  • How much distance the button travels
  • Noise
  • Click feedback or smooth all the way

Any other factors? Please comment below!

Please choose your favorite.

  • BeatBuddy Pedal
  • Aeros buttons
  • Line 6 Helix
  • Boomerang
  • Boss RC-300

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Please comment below if there is another type of button you prefer.


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I haven’t used the RC-300 but have used all the others. I voted for the Helix, smooth and quiet.

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I am using the Aeros and the Behringer FCB1010 individually to do different things. So I don’t have room for another big pedal board. I put the Aeros on my lap, and use it by hand. Probably because I am a keyboard player, and not a guitarist. It means that Aeros is the best for size, and buttons.

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I haven’t used a Boss RC-300, but if the buttons are like their switch pedals, that would be my first choice. Otherwise, I like the Boomerang buttons.

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Pigtronix Infinity Looper and Strymon Mobius

I had the Boss dd-500, his buttons cause a tactile orgasm, the Boss gt-1000, oddly enough, the buttons are completely different (terrible). Eros buttons are pleasantly pressed with bare feet, have a clear response. The BeatBuddy pedal is also very comfortable, there are no complaints about it.
The RC-300 has very rigid buttons, it takes a lot of effort to trigger them.

I have an old Boss RC2, the Aeros and a Kemper. Here is how I would rate them.

Criterion Aeros Boss RC2 Kemper
Comfort 1: By far the most comfortable. A tiny bit more space between buttons would be nice 3: Not so bad 2: Actually very close to the Aeros experience. Nevertheless I give this point to the Aeros because of the shape of the buttons for the usage without shoe :wink: .
Silence 2: I don’t use the Aeros with an acoustic guitar and mic so I don’t really care, but I’ve already read in this forum people doing so complaining about that point, and I feel like it makes sense 3: Awakes the whole house when used overnight 1: There is probably even much better but among the pedals I own, this is the best, even if probably people having the acoustic problem would have the same complain here. But if you play acoustic, why would you use a Kemper…
Accuracy 1: I don’t think I ever missed a hit with this one… 3: even worse than what you could expect… 2: Really close again…

Ok we see the good ol’ RC2 is paying the passing of time… Yet still working after all those years. Let’s see how the Aeros or others will be in 2034…
The Kemper buttons feel really nice and robust for a device which is now almost 10 years old (wow).
The Aeros buttons are really cool to use, clearly the best among those, only the silence and potentially the layout (which is not exactly the buttons themselves) could be improved. Challenge being that improving silence is ok, but not at the expense of the “clicky” feel.

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I picked boss based on their fs-6 pedals which i use.

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I went for the Boss because i only have those and the BB switches and the Boss is much quieter.

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Don’t have an Aeros but I think the buttons are like the MIDI Maestro

Only know the Aeros & Boomerang buttons. I have played a lot of “sensitive” music in VERY quiet (pin-drop) venues with very attentive audiences in the past. I have been quite concerned with the level of sound that comes from tapping the Aeros’ buttons as to whether the unit will actually work for me in these situations just because of the significant noise. The Boomerang is definitely a bit better but I vote for buttons that are as QUIET as possible, whatever they are. I don’t care if i feel a “click” - the existing buttons are too loud for me. Thanks for asking.


If I could swap my Aeros and MM buttons for something silent and smooth I would. Form factor is good though. If there was an easy way to replace the buttons with aftermarket of a similar form factor like Carling or Lehle that would be great. I got scared off by another thread where someone said they are PCB mounted and too difficult a job.

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I know this is breaking off the subject but I would like a button you hit once for premium library songs to play through all there parts from start to finish. That would be bad ass!

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I use the BOSS FS6. Non latch setting, digital no clicks and fast no lag operation.

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I chose the Boss simply because I like the Boss FS-5U that I have better than the Beatbuddy footswitch buttons - the boss is easier on the feet and quieter. However, if we’re talking about the Beatbuddy pedal directly on the unit, that one is nice as well.

I will clarify that the boss fs-6 does not work without a battery, but the fs-7 does.

I use the Boss FS-6, sturdy, silent, big enough

That is exactly how I have mine too!! Yoo hoo!

YES the FS-6 needs a 9V Battery… playing out almost every weekend 3.5 hour club gigs and at least one rehearsal a week I had a 3 year run on one battery that nevere faild just thought it was time to change it… Just unplug the switch cable when not in use that turns off the unit… Keep Rock’in!

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