Poof all the factory content on BB Manager has disappeared. Great.

I go to create a new project in BB Manager this morning. I don’t know WTF I did wrong but all the factory content in the left hand column of the BB Manager window had completely disappeared. Only the new song is in there. I can’t figure out how to get the original content (everything else) back. Any suggestions appreciated. Looks like I won’t be using this pedal until I figure this out and I really needed it today (Sunday).

This pedal is great, the BB Manager software is about as bad as I’ve ever seen in 30+ years of running Macs.

Sounds like you might have closed your project or opened a new one.

Option 1: From the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), File > Open Project; navigate to your bbworkspace and see if your project is there.
if not, (and assuming you synchronized to your SD card before whatever happened happened)
Option 2: From the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), File > Open Project; navigate to your SD card and open the project that’s on the card

I did try that, what is the name file that constitutes ‘my project’ and where is it? So I go to create a project (I’m just trying to create one song or beat file) and the software lets me WRITE OVER ALL THE FACTORY FILES that make the BB pedal work? Let me see if I can get this to work.

Here’s some screen shots that may or not help:
Your project is named what ever you wanted and it has an extension of .bbp
The project name is next to Project Explorer in your BBM left pane

Here’s where the project is located in your SD card

Here’s the path and location of the project name in your workspace

If you’re still having trouble figuring this out, you might try the steps in the General Disaster Recovery thread.

Thanks!!! Importing that in from the BB SD card worked. Still not sure how that happened.