poor power adaptor

I love my BB pedal and it built like a tank, but by contrast it’s power adaptor seems very poor quality. Especially
the cord seeems like thin and fragile. But it has particular power capability and plug. I’m afraid that it can harm my beloved pedal, cause it fits not too perfectly in the power outlet. Can you recommend me the better solution, or can I change it to another, stronger adaptor and replace the plug, which is specific. Honestly the original one is not for everyday and stage using. Sometimes it lost the power and my BB stoped during practice or in worse case during a gig. I got europian type one.

Please stop double- and triple-posting.

OK. But it won’t change the real situation: the adaptor of premium product is a garbage. Where are the actual solutions, particularly from the company.

Rather than continue to carp about it on the forum, why don’t you e-mail them support@singularsound.com

Because they will send me, another same one. They have very nice support, but they hasn’t better power supply. I’m not carping, I love this very perfect (and expensive) machine. Just hope, somebody shows me the good replacement of this adaptor, or gives me an idea. That’s why this forum is. Just need help.