Pop on 5.1.1

Oeps !
I got a audio pop on a bass line today (no ambient)
The first one on the 5.1.1 version
Video is sending to the support


I made this its own report because it does not seem to be the exact same issue nor can it be proven to be, so let’s treat them as separate

I checked out the video you sent to support, that was a pretty gnarly pop what exactly were the steps to get there and can you reproduce it?

What were you doing when it happened? Were you using MIDI, synced to device?

Any specifics would be helpful, thanks for reporting!

I was just recording a loop and commit with Midi on the Maestro
All is synced yes.

I got one today again
Very difficult to reproduce.

Happen always when I commit the recording (with midi)
I never recording with a peak (never red on the VU)

It happen randomly, sometimes I can play for hours without a pop and suddently I get one

Can it be because I erase the song a lot of times ?
I gonna try to delete and create a new song every time, to see what’s happen

I let you know if I find something.

I got 3 in a row today !
What I can say for sure:
This pops happen when I commit the loop on the last beat.
I mean I commit the loop on the end, I don’t commit just before the end

And after this I play and tryed to get the pops and no pops anymore ? Damn

I send you a very interesting video
Take a look, maybe this can help

Thanks for all the info we are reviewing this and will get back soon!

For anyone looking at this we likely fixed this in beta 5.2.0

Read more here:

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