Pop sound on ch2 when doing first loop

I’ve done a few gigs now in the 2x2 mode and I’ve noticed that when I record track 2, a loud bang/pop sound goes through the pedal when I hit “play”. After that one pop, it doesn’t happen again for the rest of the gig.

Does anyone else have a similar issue? Is it like a hardware thing that I should be checking out while I have it under warranty? Thanks!

Yes, I have this sometimes

How are you powering your Aeros? I did notice it needs 9v 500ma, potentially my power supply on the pedalboard is not drawing enough power and causing the pop

I use the original power supply coming with the gear (brand new one)
But this pop is not always , just sometimes

That’s good to know. It’s only happening occasionally on my set up (Once a gig or less) but given the volume level/stakes of some of these gigs, it’s enough to be a little worried about.