Possible bug midi clock

Hi I have an RC-500 with the beatbuddy as the master, RC-500 slaved everything is fine for sync. I have the beatbuddy outputting midi clock always.
If I pause the beatbuddy with the external pedal and then unpause with the external pedal everything is still in sync and it plays fine.
But if I pause the beatbuddy with the external pedal then unpause with the main pedal it plays a fill then back to the beat the first few notes coming from the RC-500 are garbled then they clear up and everything is fine again.
I then tried it with the RC-500 as the master with midi clock out and the beatbuddy as the slave with midi out disabled midi in enabled.
If I do the same actions as before pause on external pedal and unpause with the main pedal where it plays the fill then the beat everything plays back fine and is in sync.
So is this a problem with the midi clock coming out of the beatbuddy when you unpause with the main pedal and it plays a fill before going to the beat?

I have done some more testing of this random sync problem.
If I have a midi message sent to the beatbuddy for a pause then send a fill command to play a fill which also unpause’s the pedal I don’t have the warbled audio for a few notes coming from the boss looper.
If I use the main pedal switch to play a fill while the beat is paused I will get a random synch problem to the boss looper.
The only difference I can see is, if I send a midi command the sync is not affected. But it seems if I use the main foot switch which does not send any midi messages I will get a random problem with the clock sync as the looper is trying to readjust it’s timing to the glitch that just came out of the beatbuddy when the main footswitch is used to play a fill and restart the beat.
Where do I post this to get them to look into this?

Contact Support, support@singularsound.com with the version of your BeatBuddy (BB) firmware along with a link to this thread. It will also be helpful to share your pedal settings for MIDI. Don’t know if a video of the issue when it happens will help but don’t be surprised if you are asked for one.

Please let us know what the solution is.